What's New

August 2009
  • What is the origin of 9-1-1?  Read more at The History of 9-1-1.
  • Fire departments from different communities assisting each other has been in existence for many years.  Read more at A History of Mutual Aid.
  • Volunteer to protect people's lives and property?  When and where did this happen?  Read more at The History of Volunteer Firefighting.
  • Fertilizer causes massive destruction and many lives?  Read more at The Monsanto Fire, Texas City, Texas, 1947.
  • Report a fire by pulling a fire alarm box on the street, but false alarms proliferated, causing personnel to be erroneously occupied when they were really needed.  Read how inventors creatively addressed this issue in Preventing False Alarms.   
  • How did hose come into being for fire departments?  Read more at The History of Hoose, Hoase, Hause, or Hose?

July 2009
  • This is a new home for many articles that originally appeared at Firefighters Real Stories.
  • What are Tidbits?  Short bytes of information on a variety of fire-related topics.
  • Deadly Molasses?  Read more at Boston Disaster 1919.
  • Chariots carried wounded in ancient times; now helicopters do.  Read more at Evolution of the Ambulance.
  • Read about the relationship between fires, the men who fought them and the Revolutionary War at Fires and Firefighting in the American Revolution.
  • Innovations and bravery flourished during World War II in burning London.  Read more at Firefighting during the Blitz in London. 
  • How did firefighting and the Civil War meld?  Read more at Fires, Firemen and Fire Companies in the Civil War.
  •  At one time, horses played an important role in fire departments.  Read more at A History of Horses in the Fire Service.
  • A new page titled Which Great Fire? makes its debut.